Star actor Charles Olumo A.K A  Agbako 1, recently celebrated his 84yrs birthday in Lagos. The party  took place at blue roof lagos television , where this exclusive interview was conducted.
We greeted him Good day sir.

A-How  are you  and how may I help you?.
Baba we heard that you at 84yrs, how are you feeling sir?
I’m extremely happy. This happiness couldn’t be exchanged
with anything and it cannot be compared with any happenings.
Q= what is the secret behind your healthy sir?
God is my strength. I never involve  myself in any shady things. It was God that gave me a good healthy . 
Q=Sir How did you get the name Agbako?
The name is a character given to me in a movie. It was just to teach the audience a moral lessons. I am not a bad person .I bear  Agbako in films not but but Charles Olumo is my real name. This is to let people know that as we have bad people, we also have good people too.
Q=Sir why did you speaks
grammar like that in movies.?
I used the grammar to entertain my fans. And it took time
 to compose such grammar. Drama involves deep research and that is what I doing to make my acting career  differ .
You went to Synagogue. What happened there sir?
Prophet TB Joshua is a truthful  man of God. God has used him in helping the pray less people. He helped me. he gave me some money , I bought a brand new car with it and I completed  my house  
Q=What are the different  between the recent  movie and that of your days?
A-Things have change  In our days, there was no money, we only worked hard for fame. But today, it attract huge money .
Q=What is the relationship between you and the Fuji musician Pasuma wonder? .
A-The relationship between Pasuma wonder and me is. Firstly his mother was a learner in my drammer school, and she is also my wife then, Alabi Pasuma wonder is my son. he is my son If people call him my son, Who does not like success in is life? And would see good things and ignore  it. Everyone is my children and you yourself interviewing.Thanks sir Happy Birthday to you ones again I will be here to celebrate more and more with you.

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