Popular esteem Yoruba actor, Yomi Fash Lanso has come a long way. Like many other actors in Nollywood, his name could be said to have become a house hold item astonishing  , the Ogun State-born star has got little or no mention on the list of a warders   in the make-belief industry. In this exclusive interview with National Life, the actor popularly called Fash by admirers, revealed how he handles romantic roles and his numerous female fans.


So far
It has been very fruitful and positive. It has been full of glorious things that I really give thanks to God for. They will say heaven helps those who help themselves. I believe while helping myself by what I do and what I pray for, God has really assisted me abundantly  . So I am grateful to God and I know my best is yet to come next year.

Winning producers' confidence
May be because I have my stand and take my business as business, I love my style. When I am out of set it's a different thing but when I am on set, I do my work and may be my approach to work is what endears me to viewers , enticing them to me Yomi Fash Lanso. It's not a magic, it has to do with relaxer  and I always try to put myself in any character I want to play so I could deliver. But first, the story line has to interest me.

Toughest job?
I regard each of my jobs as tough. I don't handle anyone with kid's gloves.

Q=In what areas would you say you are working on to gain some level of perfection?

Yomi Fash I'm still working hard on my voice and I really want to come up with some crazy acting stuff.

Personal production
I don't have anything against those doing it but it has to do with what I call balance knowledge about the film itself. The reason is  there we will not have many producers. Now we have many producers who don't know anything about film making. If you look at our counterparts, you will see the techniques of filmmaking in their jobs unlike what we have here. If you are a producer, you should know the job of a producer inside out. If it's directing you should know the nitty-gritty of the job. So when we come up with a production, people will want to watch over and over again but some believe it's just to get the money and hit the location. From the script staging, you need to get your things up to the post production. As a very good film maker, you should know that your post production could take up to one year because that is when you block the lapses and make things right, even creativity. When we do it  right then we can achieve a our aim and  balance glory.

Q=You could be at two different locations in a day or two, personally how do you switch from one character to the other?

Yomi Fash May be that is why some refers to me as a wizard  actor. Before I come on  the your set, I have the script and I understanding the story line and basically that is why I kept a particular look. You have to give me time because my looks changes depending on what job I have at hand. So you know that you must finish with me while I am on your set because tomorrow that particular look might not be there.

Q=Why have you not been getting awards despite your excellent roles?

 Yomi Fash Probably it has to do with the producer because if you don't submit your job, how would they know? Then in Nigeria, I see people being biased because we have different languages and all that. So people want to be with their own person. Had it been we have this uniform thing, people will be sincere. There won't be sentiment and there will be level playing ground.
But basically, I believe my work speaks for me. I have been given an award in far away Egypt and there is people I respect, Ambassador club from OAU. It's been some times now they gave me an award and I am fulfilled because those are awards from outside the industry where people are not biased. So what I feel is either producers don't submit their works or people are biased.
Q=You have maintained your shape, how do you do that?

Yomi Fash They say no pain no gain. So jugging and working out is really not easy but because you know what you are doing you have to work it out, watch what you eat so it's really not easy doing that. But it's alright.

(Laughs)… It all depends on what you want for your self. I don't believe in what people call destiny. It's whatever you do that you will reap. If you want scandals you will get it and if otherwise, you get it. I am a very shy person so I like to keep my head cool and I love to be nice to people because I love people and I don't like antagonizing  people .

Q=How does your wife react to romantic roles you take in movies?

Yomi Fash than, she would just say Yomi, see how you kissed that babe and all that. But she now handles such so maturely. Of course, it's only natural that she at times gets disturbed. What I have noticed about her is that she does not entertain trouble in her heart.

Q=What can you say is the most embarrassing thing female fans have ever done to you?

Yomi Fash Am a reticent person I don't really like to talk about this. I could remember a day at the club with my friends when a lady came to me and she insisted I should get down with her that day (laughs)…It was not funny. I had to go and hide for a while in the bus at the parking lot before I escaped in less than ten minutes.

Q=Tell us about your dress sense?

Yomi It's not big deal, I love to look presentable and I know the right colours to combine. But basically I am more of an informal person because I love to be free in whatever I wear.

Q=Do you see the nudity scenes in Ghana movies coming up in our movies someday?

Yomi Fash I can't guarantee that it will not happen but I can say it may not happen.
The nudity of a thing was started by the French film makers because they want to make more money. Americans copied later. So nudity was not part of the deal. It was for commercial purpose, it's not about being professional. But in our own background, it's different. I can shoot a movie for you and you will get carried away, get aroused without seeing a part or breast.

New Year resolution
I will like to cut down on my spending habit

Q=Do you get carried way acting romantic roles?

Yomi Fash That will be unprofessional of me. In fact, it will not happen to a normal person. I cannot get carried away when the cameramen will be there - D.O.P, director and the rest. You only act and get off that is little about me!!!!!!

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