Nollywood Actress Iyabo Ojo with up coming birthday party--

Good day to you all our beloved readers!!! we are happy to bring this scinairo to your hear. Nollywood noted sultry actress Iyabo ojo ostentatious mother of two who is on-point, as she is among the prominent and leading actress in Yoruba and englsh Movie Industry. Her regular features more and more in Yoruba and English movie sector spicy the total acceptance of such films because the elegant actress has large fans in her shores and her melodramatic career and her melodious tones which taste with the coincide ancients Actress like (Mrs Idowu Philips) (Mrs Bukky Ajayi) (Bimbo Akintola) (Keppy Ekpeyong) (Foluke Daramola) (Liz Benson) and many others. @ the momment the actress buzzed has she has a full slate of massive feature films which are Coming into the cinema and would hints the glob wide in 2013 after her Arino film acted in ghana which is, Sensitive, departure, technical, unique, special, upgradet and different from others. The gifted actress who have been in the movie industry over 15 years back would added a year on December 21th, Iyabo has revealed that her 35th years on earth birthday will be all about non alcohol liquor.her last year birthday was held in Surulere area of Lagos Nigeria, where she and her BBM group called the Sexy Pinkie Ladies,celebrated with children living with Down's syndrome to show them love and allocate gifts and other items to these children, and all this would make the actress mesmerizes till eternity!!! her last year birthday ended in non stop rain fall of money and merriment display! only a trip to there last year could testify to it, and am sure this year celebration will also be marvelous!!! She stated at this junction my simple advise for those that wishes to emerge as me and want to enlist in the industry,Should get minimum set of months training education just to enable them grant the ability/talent and give them an edge to commence as role model in movies, "you see initially when I came into the industry" my Superior consider me as their envoy,but however am grateful to God who made my ambitious thumbs up now! You see in life you must have focus and blank your mind not to relent unless you archive your goal, and I pray god will grant you your heart deserve!!!! We shall keep you inform about where the party will be hold when it eventually announced as the actress and her fans are still deliberating on it, maybe it should be celebrated here in Nigerian or in abroad as her fans over there summons her, just stay in touch for an update!!! But if you don't abide with all is listed here, than you have to adjudicate it now by dropping your comment below here!!!


Fuji Musician K1 the ultimate got new BABE from another new WIFE

Good day to you all our beloved readers, we are so excited to bring this scenario to your hear, how elite Fuji Musician K1 the ultimate got a new born babe from another woman. Sir_Q How does your wife, Yewande feel about this? A_ Well I think that’s how God wants it however I acknowledge my fate, my house wife She did not complain at all non that she took it like that but we have had our private moment and I have asked her if there could be anything that I have done or would do as a mistake what would be her reactions, she said the question is she truly loves me, she will stick to it. That has been what keeps us together up-today because she believes that is what she has said to her God, she has vowed that she will be spending the rest of her life with me, it is now my duty to know truly well that she deserves more respect and I will not be a man that will be parading two women at the same time but here we are. So, the truth of the matter is I should not spit on her face, I should not throw it back to her like she doesn’t know what she’s doing while you and I know that she truly knows what she’s doing. She has concluded in her mind that she has found a friend, a man, a companion and she does not think she will be moving from one point to the other, so definitely I have a big job to do on that, so also Titi, she knows very well because I never lied to her about Yewande, I don’t expect her to be a magician to know what is happening in my house but the truth of the matter is that I sat her down and let her into my life. She weighed the options as well, knowing fully well that I truly care for her. You see one thing I understand about women is their choice. I have listened and read many stories about women who were raped or forced to submit themselves to men, and found out that no matter how much you try to molest them, some could not be raped because they will fight using either their nails, teeth or anything to keep themselves, they will fight for their lives just like the ram does when it’s to be slaughtered, so if the man succeeded that means he’s lucky but not all men in all cases. So, a woman knows what she wanted at every point in time and when she finds one, she goes for it. I thank God I have a wonderful family, maybe one of these days I will invite you guys to my home , my children are here, (seated) Femi and Sekinat . The way I raise my children if I play with them in your presence you will never know they are not all from the same mother, they live together they love themselves and relate very well with one another likewise me, their father. Sir_ Do you wish to marry another woman beside, Yewande and Titi, A_I pray to Almighty God that I find peace and joy in this one because I found peace in Yewande and it’s my commitment and understanding of what Titi truly had for me that left me with no option than to show that I love her. My family is fine , and I’m not looking forward to get any woman. And if one is to judge on peace, I have the peace of mind with Yewande which might not even prompt me to have any other wife but it’s my commitment, my destiny. If a man is destined to have seven wives, he will not stop at three or four. Sir_ We heard that Titi was initially a lover of your close friends, Gbenga Akinbobola popularly known as Gbenga Islander? A_I will say something, though I have said it before, do not judge a Woman, whatever a woman does, do not judge her, It’s only a woman that can say this is my husband, a man cannot say this is my wife. I have always said something if I leave home for a show and I kissed or hugged my wife before I said goodbye and drove off, but while on stage at the function if I saw my wife in the same Aso-Ebi dress as other guests and she walked into the party with another man, I won’t be surprised. Sir_Q May we know the reason? A_Thank you, I won’t be surprised because I have said it several times that, it’s only a woman that can point to the legitimate father of her child. The fact that I a woman that I left her at home at a party where I am performing does not warrant me or make me to stop music or the job I have been paid to do, jump down from the stage and challenge her that what is she doing at the party? She is doing what pleases her at that moment , the best one could do is to be calm, let the things unfold. If the man is so bold to walk up to me and give me his and her names to praise sing them as long as she has chosen to be by his side I will do it, in fact, very well as long has she has the audacity to stay in the party and even dance. At that point then you will know she has said it all. There was a time I had a girl friend and I was having a show somewhere in Lagos Island and my children, the girl friend and I went for the function. When we got there my girlfriend was sitting with my children while I was on stage performing, when it was now time for me to recognize the audience and I announced that my family members who were at the function should come out to dance my girlfriend joined them. Suddenly, a guy walked up to me, pointed at my girlfriend and said to me “Alhaji, this is my babe, sing our praise.” I was not bothered, I did just that, I’m less concerned about that. The truth of the matter is, at that point in time that is what the woman wanted, that is her choice. She might not have expected the guy to be at the party too but he was daring enough to walk up to me and told me that’s his babe. The guy might not even know she was dating me, anyway, she had to leave before the end of the party. So, if by any chance I left a woman at home and I discovered at the show that she came with another man and the guy has the guts to walk up to me and say this is my wife I have no reason to object but one thing I will be holding is this: it is either she has packed her bags and baggage before I got home or I will ask her what is she still doing in my house? I won’t fight her but she will leave that home in a peaceful manner. I will tell you another thing: I can’t go out and start pointing fingers that this or that woman was my friend or ex. ‘One man’s food is another man’s poison.’ I have many women who have been my friends when I was not even so famous and was still searching for a perfect one to be my wife then. I have taken women to my shows that when they got there and other men would talk to them they will go with such men. I think they must have seen that those men were better that Wasiu or so. So many of my women have eloped with other men and if am to see them again, it’s either they were pregnant or carrying a child. At that point all I just have to do is understand and behave, I don’t think I should start to shout that she’s my runaway girlfriend, no, it’s not done that way. A man do not proclaim the right of a woman when she hasn’t said so, because it’s only a woman that can tell and if she denies you that means you are doomed. And if she does that she is telling you that the market is open to others then who are you to force her that the market is not open. The summary is this: Titi might have dated Gbenga before, yes, Gbenga is my friend and I know him very well, Gbenga will not come out and say proudly that yes “I’m dating Titi.” He is happily married to his wife and blessed with children. He has a happy family. Gbenga and I talk every time, he’s my close pal, and we should not make a story out of this. The fact that a woman has dated a man before doesn’t mean we should crucify her if she finds her new love. I have Gbenga’s understanding that he’s truly a family man. We should not call a dog a bad name just because we want to hang it. Titi is from a solid family background, Gbenga’s family and I are very close. We belong to the same club; we have what we call Squad 1. We are very much together, Squad 1 includes him, myself, Lekan Oshifeso, Shina Peller, Rotimi Ajanaku and Bolaji Esho (Eldorado). Sir_Q was Gbenga aware of the story before it broke openly? A_ Gbenga knew before the story broke, we’ve discussed it amongst ourselves, Gbenga is my close friend, like I said, how many women do you want me to point at that I have dated and are now happily married to a couple of my friends. I mean women taken from Wasiu who were at one time or the other my girlfriends. But honestly speaking, this is not an issue; the fact that she finds love somewhere does not mean we should crucify her. Sir_Q Was it your plan to marry Titi initially or the issue of pregnancy caused it . A_ Wow I wanted it, it was my plan and am really really happy with this.


Boy of 27 Years Old Wedded with 83 years Woman

This seems unbelievable but real, how daft is this boy of 27 Year Old Wedded with 83 Years Old Woman who can possibly emerge as his grand mother. What could have fascinated this guy into such act? should I sat this old woman is well-off or I should say this guy is under-spell or hypnotized???? What do you think this their relationship will figure out?


Afrobeat Fela Anikulapo–Kuti House as now turned to Museum

House of Fela Anikulapo–Kuti late King of Afrobeat, has been turned into a museum – to “promote cultural heritage and mark the 74th birthday” of the legendary musician. Inside the museum located at 8, Gbemisola Street, Allen Avenue, Ikeja, to be and managed by Total Consult, are Fela’s trademark items like dresses,clothes, shoes and household materials. Others include covers of the albums of the late musician. Images on the album covers bear a variety of styles and typefaces which echo and comment on the works and politics of the artiste.The dresses are about 3,000. According to we gathered from the state Commissioner for Tourism and Inter-Government Relations, Mr. Disun Holloway, the Kalakuta Republic Museum is to bring back the old social life and culture to Lagos. He said, “It is only appropriate to have chosen a day as this to declare this monument open today to mark the 74th posthumous birthday of the legendary musician. It is also the beginning of Felabration – a weeklong series of festivities to celebrate a Nigerian multi-instrumentalist musician, human activist, tourism stakeholder and political maverick. “This is a deliberate attempt bringing the old social life back to Lagos through the creation of places of relaxation within safe and secure environment. As demonstrated by the involvement of the state government in this museum, it is pertinent to reiterate our commitment towards boosting tourism.” He stated that it was impossible to overstate the importance of Fela to Lagos and the global musical village. Speaking on behalf of the family, Femi, son of late Fela Kuti, hailed the state government for its support. however,he said the museum would only serve its value if the legacies his father fought for were brought to the reality. Here he urged government to rise and foster equality and eradicate poverty in the country. He noted, saying a big thanks to Lagos State government. We are not one that supports any government but ensure that all is well for the citizens. I sincerely commend Governor Raji Fashola who has stood out to be recognized with this. “This would serve as a step forward if the cause my father fought for is achieved. The issues of poverty, electricity, education and many other vital ones aimed at making the nation a pillar for envy. Our children should be able to see the vision of pan-africanism through the struggle of my father. When we eradicate poverty and our value increases, then we can say we have value and reason to celebrate our coming generations.” A former Minister of Planning, Chief Rasaheed Gbadamosi, was a friend of Fela, described the museum as ‘a memory brought alive’. He stated that Fela was a true definition of democracy and an icon for equality. That this brings a lot of memory. It replaces the bad moment when we lost Fela. It clearly shows that while we lost Fela, his remains should always give us hope that goodness will return.” Also, the curator of the museum, Mr. Lemi Gharioku, said the museum was a deserved one as it would preserve the legacy of the icon. He added, “More can be done to celebrate the hero who demonstrated persistency despite all odds and threats. Fela has been recognised internationally, and is worth to be celebrated in his state and country where he fought for liberation, transparency and equality of all people. Fela’s other children that include Yeni and Seun; and founder of Evergreen Music, Mr. Femi Esho.


Iyabo Ojo I won’t let the less privileges lack---

On-point Nollywoodactress Iyabo Ojo leads other members of the Pinkie Ladies foundation group to  disables and old people home in yaba with numerous gifts and shows love to them to lighten up their minds, however ascertained that the less privileges comfort is the concern of their group …
For more information visit, 

Internet fraudster run mad yesterday @ Ikeja.

Good day to you reads, we brought this scenario to you  about an anonymous young man who run mad      yesterday @ Ikeja.
Eye witnesses stated that this young man jumped off  his Range Rover and started madness display, onlookers encircled  him. he started displaying series of madness, pulled off his clothes, jabbering  numerous  words
The young man is aggressively  rumored to be a YAHOOO YAHOOO boy, slang for boys doing Internet fraud, while others saying he may be one of those called ‘Yahoo Plus’ boys, which means he has gone beyond ordinary scam, he has added charm known as JUJU in Nigerian's native  language, to his internet fraud , how the fact has not been ascertained yet, maybe be he  his under spiritual attack.


Cossy-Orjiakor shows her decent off @ beach--

What folly act is this?? am sure this is girl objection is to corrupts this nation!!! However I prayed God change her life for betterment!!!!


Ekaaabo and Welcome To Ajele`s Blog: Hip Hop Musician Davido becomes landlord in Lakki...

Ekaaabo and Welcome To Ajele`s Blog: Hip Hop Musician Davido becomes landlord in Lakki...: On-board  hip hop artist Davido popularly knows as Omo Baba Olowo just acquired N140 million house  in Lekki Phase1, Than people do says t...

Hip Hop Musician Davido becomes landlord in Lakki Phase1

On-board  hip hop artist Davido popularly knows as Omo Baba Olowo just acquired N140 million house  in Lekki Phase1, Than people do says that music industry is consist barbarian, but now is music industry is filled esteemed ones such as D-Long A.K.A Oniba, Dbanj, 2face, 9ice, Psquare, BankyW, Eldee, Wizkid, Davido are just few examples of young Nigerians who are doing music and raking in the millions exponentially!
Following in the footsteps of his billionaire father who reportedly built a ‘mega church’ structure, albeit in a different way, Davido has decided to show that life is not about the blings, fast cars or parties as he has reportedly acquired a property worth a large sum.
The acquisition of the house was concluded between yesterday and today. The house is close to where his father also has a house in Lekki, However am glad he did this!!!


Woman Delivered horse in Edo State Nigeria--

Woman give birth to a horse in Edo State !worshipers of the world Liberation Ministry located along old Sapele-Benin express road on Tuesday took to their heels during a prophesy programme when a female member delivered a horse.


Opaa Kan and Basket Mouth Hawking for fame

Good question knowing on your door, just kindly predict who is going to win among this two comic comedians

 Please, drop a comment!!!


Artist Cossy Orjiakor House in Lekki Lagos

Congratulation to  Cossy Orjiakor  who just completed her massive multi million naira mansion in lekki Lagos. 
stroll below to see her having relaxation in her chamber !!!

Do you love this???


Fuji Musician Wasiu Ayinde Touring the Globe

Monarch Fuji musician, that enjoys the companionship of young and old's ones, woman, and men, He does not despised in people which gave him numerous awards and the fame he was into now, which also earned him traveling around the globe.
The commendable musician his presently in tour of Canada, London, United Kingdom, and United State of American, enjoying himself with princess Ramota Oseni who happened to be the chairman of Iba local government  recently she was nominated the best chairman of Lagos as a merriment of her works the award was bestowed to her couple of months back in London by his excellency Asuaju Bola Ahmeed Tinubu and some other anonymous.
But but they will be back in Nigeria on the 29th  of this Month August , 
''K1 the ultimate''  his planing for a big elaborated birthday party ceremony which is slated to hold in the month of November  !!!   



Fuji Musician Alabi Pasuma Wonder Acquired latest Range Rover SUV

Esteemed Fuji Star, Wasiu Alabi Pasuma Wonder knows as the only entertainer  acquired, latest Range Rover SUV. The fuji rave took delivery of the car and have been painting the town red with it.
in addition Lagata the golden son 1 has penned a liquor deal with Regal Dry Gin. The contract is said to be a 36-month deal, which will be in form of endorsement by the fuji star.
Unconfirmed gist says that Alabi has a deal with brand of liquor drink which also include TVC and print adverts for Regal Dry Gin. The month involved in the deal runs into millions of naira.
 From the stable of Alabi Pasuma has been nationalized as number one citizen of Mushin!!!   Musician


Yoruba Actress Doris Simeon Birthday Celebration

Actress Doris Simeon is a year older today. The  celebration was held in her church yesterday  with thanks giving to appreciate what God has done in her life
For Doris, who recently got separated from her hubby, life without her hubby is smoother, that's what it's for every single mother though. We hear Doris will later host friends and colleagues at her abode to sumptuous meal and drinks.
We should all wish her long life and prosperity!!!


Yoruba Actor Anter Laniyan Open up Actors Secrets

 You all thinks that we actors are rich. It's a blatant lie  Our wives are richer than most of us. I don't want to names anybody, but I know a lot of actors whose wives are richer than they are. Most of actors drive their wives' cars. That is all I could say!!!   secret


Nollywood Actress Funke Etti delivered new born baby

 Congratulation to our Nollywood actress Funke Etti who just delivered  a baby.
In a  hospital at Lagos. We learnt that the mother and child are in good health.
You will recall that in February 2012, we reported that Funke was pregnant for one of her fans and admirers named Ola, who happen to be  The father of her child   bought her a Honda (CRV) Jeep to signify his happiness  the pregnancy.


Iyabo Ojo's Outfit Seminal Is Out Now

Do you have a dream of becoming a model / do you want to be one of our selected ushers? If so then this is the right place to be as it all lies in our hand, join our selected models/ushers @ Fespris Outfit owned by our elite actress, Iyabo Ojo. For more details  voice us on- 08075481965, 08030658644, 07044749510 


Actress Iyabo Ojo Acquired 2012 Latest Range Rover Sport

actress Iyabo Ojo is now the top Nollywood actress after her impetuous decision to curbed  her unending tussle with Yoruba actress Lizzy Anjorin.


D’banj’s speaks on his new album with Kanye West

Hip-hop super stars,Don Jazzy and D’banj’s In a recent interview with City People,where Don Jazzy, explained why he opted to return home while D’banj chases after international exposure.
“I am still signed to (G.O.O.D) Music, but in order for me to be able to concentrate on building the artistes that we have here, I wouldn’t be able to give my 100% in the work I have to do in new york,” stated by Don Jazzy.


Yoruba celebs on film location

Laide Bakare,  Sikiratu Sindodo, Badmus, and Doris Simeon rehearsing on a movie titled. (ERM) but we are yet to know the identity of the middle girl!!!


Actress Funke Akindele Weds Alhaji Kehinde Oloyede Almaroof

Top yobuba actress Funke Akindele who commenced  her matrimonial household journey to Alhaji Kehinde Oloyede,on Thursday, 24th of May 2012.
This actress has now added another name to her name,  Mrs Akindele  Khadijat Olufunke Ayotunde Oloyede.
She got her new name at the Islamic marriage rite performed on brides known popularly as ‘Wonka’ . With that singular act, Funke is now legally married to her politician/real estate lover, Alhaji Kehinde Oloyede a.k.a Ken Doo under sharia law.
The Islamic traditional wedding known as the Nikkai is well done already. The event which took place at the residence of the Akindele's in Lagos was one witnessed by strictly family members and Islamic clerics.
The nollywood actress Funke Akindele secretly held her nikai ceremony with her fiance Alhaji Kehinde Oloyede Almaroof  today. The initial publicised date of  26th May 2012 was obviously a stunt by the couple prevent unwanted guests from coming to the event.

Congrats to the latest couple!!!


Ajibola Alabi Pasuma become an herbalist

Ajibola Alabi Pasuma become untouchable Musician among his colleague, with the power he posses right now.  Alabi you will skip higher for ever best wishes to you, respect SIR!!!

Yoruba Actress Iyabo Ojo Set To Release Two English Movies At Once

“We bring to you the latest news in yoruba genre happy reading”
Erudite Nollywood Actress Iyabo Ojo has just accomplished two new English movies. titled, ( The EYE )  and ( The LIGHT ) this movies are set to mesmerize audience in local and international country. This movies  featured numerous Film-stars like, Patience Ozokwor, Chidinma Aneke, Chidiebere Aneke, Iyabo Ojo, and many more... This movies will hits up your home next week ready to grab yours!!!
It was shot in Enugu. Directed by Ifeanyi Ogbonna.


Kids love to dance with Yoruba Actress Iyabo Ojo's Show.

 Things we can support our NGO with

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If you like to contribute or support our NGO in any other form or with other items we will gladly welcome it and appreciate it.

Yoruba Actress Fathia Balogun on red carpet..

Nollywood Actress Fathia Balogun.Which she's 42 year old  emerged  has one of the good actress and one of the head turners at social functions.she stormed out and stride  on the red carpet as African Movie Academy Awards (AMAA) which  took place in Lagos last weekend!. As a matter of fact this actress is one of the best stylish/beautiful actress in Yoruba movie industry.


Comedian Omobaba Car Ablaze

Esteemed comedian car ablaze in Maryland area of Lagos on Sunday .He said what happened was a mystery to him as the car had not developed any fault prior to the fire incident. According to him, while driving, they noticed that the car battery was malfunctioning, they came out to check it out and in less than two minutes, the car got ablaze!


Nigerian girls are emulating abroad girls.....

This is real ‘kolomental’ O. Lol, this stupid girl stormed club with her skimpy cloth........... 

Please help me to advise this barbarian  girlooooooooooooooooooo

Funny Wedding Photo

Wonder shall never end, can you believe this??? 

Will anyone of you like to do your wedding in this way?


Photo's from Actress Shan George birthday party.

Nollywood actress Shan George, lavishly spent hung  amount of money to party her birthday,which was held On 20th April 2012.

The true story of D'banj and Don Jazzy

D'banj In resent interview with an esteemed  journalist Ayeni Adekunle. narrated the story how he got infuriated with Don Jazzy. We can say London is D’banj’s town, because he’s performed there over and over, his single ‘Oliver Twist’ is on the A-list at Choice FM, and enjoys heavy rotation on other stations. A day before I came, he spent hours doing interviews at the Universal offices in Kensington. Some might hail D’banj as the man championing the gospel of ‘Afrobeats’ across the world. But, just like the cab driver, London does not yet know D’banj
Along theline we walk into the Choice FM building in the afternoon on Saturday, there are no heads turning or fans gazing, In fact, his lawyer, Elias, who wore a pair of loud snakeskin boots, attracted more attention than D’banj.


Pakistan Doctors operated the baby born with six legs successfully

We are happy to bring the story of Baby boy born with six legs in Pakistan few days back to your ear.
The doctors has accomplished the surgical operation to remove the extra four legs
Now the baby boy is receiving treatment in tentative care. We commend the doctors and congratulates the parent of the baby boy.


Look at what a boy did to his Girlfriend

I don't know why girls of now a days fall in-love quickly, a boy ask his girlfriend  to nude herself and send him  her pictures the girl confide in this boy, not knowing that the boy was only an impostor he has now put trouble on this girl.Girls ensure that you trust your suitor before you send him your picture.

9ice Alapomeji has fully part way with his manager

Superstar 9ice Alapomeji has now  decided to fully part ways with
with his longtime manager, Dehinde Fajana Modef after 10 years of working together.9ice and 
Dehinde confirmed in a recent interview
that the decision to stop working together was mutual, and that they are still as good friends. Dehinde played down the separation, saying it was a move in the interest of 9ice trying new approach...
9ice ending a relationship plagued by controversy ever since he broke up with his babymama, Toni payne has raised eyebrows.
Toni Payne once accused Dehinde of breaking up her marriage with 9ice. 9ice's split from manager comes amid rumour that he's reunited with his babymama. This has kept the reconciliation rumour alive and kicking. This rumor sounds crazy since Dehinde has done so well with 9ice.
We never can tell yet who'll replace Dehinde Fajana as 9ice's manager.


Pakistan doctors are struggling to save a baby boy born with six legs

Doctors in Pakistan are fighting to save the life of a new baby boy who was born last week with six legs because of a rare genetic condition Raza added that they were planning to operate on the boy and were considering asking for help from foreign experts with more experience in the rare disease, believed to afflict just one in one million babies.
He tried to clarify that the baby did not have six legs – he had two legs and the other four belonged to the other twin. Since Shaikh made his public plead for help, the Sindh Governor has come forward and directed officials concerned to make sure the child receives all the medical care he needs