Nigerian girls are emulating abroad girls.....

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Funny Wedding Photo

Wonder shall never end, can you believe this??? 

Will anyone of you like to do your wedding in this way?


Photo's from Actress Shan George birthday party.

Nollywood actress Shan George, lavishly spent hung  amount of money to party her birthday,which was held On 20th April 2012.

The true story of D'banj and Don Jazzy

D'banj In resent interview with an esteemed  journalist Ayeni Adekunle. narrated the story how he got infuriated with Don Jazzy. We can say London is D’banj’s town, because he’s performed there over and over, his single ‘Oliver Twist’ is on the A-list at Choice FM, and enjoys heavy rotation on other stations. A day before I came, he spent hours doing interviews at the Universal offices in Kensington. Some might hail D’banj as the man championing the gospel of ‘Afrobeats’ across the world. But, just like the cab driver, London does not yet know D’banj
Along theline we walk into the Choice FM building in the afternoon on Saturday, there are no heads turning or fans gazing, In fact, his lawyer, Elias, who wore a pair of loud snakeskin boots, attracted more attention than D’banj.


Pakistan Doctors operated the baby born with six legs successfully

We are happy to bring the story of Baby boy born with six legs in Pakistan few days back to your ear.
The doctors has accomplished the surgical operation to remove the extra four legs
Now the baby boy is receiving treatment in tentative care. We commend the doctors and congratulates the parent of the baby boy.


Look at what a boy did to his Girlfriend

I don't know why girls of now a days fall in-love quickly, a boy ask his girlfriend  to nude herself and send him  her pictures the girl confide in this boy, not knowing that the boy was only an impostor he has now put trouble on this girl.Girls ensure that you trust your suitor before you send him your picture.

9ice Alapomeji has fully part way with his manager

Superstar 9ice Alapomeji has now  decided to fully part ways with
with his longtime manager, Dehinde Fajana Modef after 10 years of working together.9ice and 
Dehinde confirmed in a recent interview
that the decision to stop working together was mutual, and that they are still as good friends. Dehinde played down the separation, saying it was a move in the interest of 9ice trying new approach...
9ice ending a relationship plagued by controversy ever since he broke up with his babymama, Toni payne has raised eyebrows.
Toni Payne once accused Dehinde of breaking up her marriage with 9ice. 9ice's split from manager comes amid rumour that he's reunited with his babymama. This has kept the reconciliation rumour alive and kicking. This rumor sounds crazy since Dehinde has done so well with 9ice.
We never can tell yet who'll replace Dehinde Fajana as 9ice's manager.


Pakistan doctors are struggling to save a baby boy born with six legs

Doctors in Pakistan are fighting to save the life of a new baby boy who was born last week with six legs because of a rare genetic condition Raza added that they were planning to operate on the boy and were considering asking for help from foreign experts with more experience in the rare disease, believed to afflict just one in one million babies.
He tried to clarify that the baby did not have six legs – he had two legs and the other four belonged to the other twin. Since Shaikh made his public plead for help, the Sindh Governor has come forward and directed officials concerned to make sure the child receives all the medical care he needs

Nollywood Actor Pawpaw buys latest land Rover SUV

We are happy to bring this news to the hear of our beloved readers happy reading.
Super star actor Osita Iheme a.k.a Pawpaw who already has a Toyota Harrier suv and a Honda Sports car, just acquired  a (LR3) Land Rover (suv) which was said to have be worth over N7 million. He took his brand new car for dedication at the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Righteous Branch, Ogba on Sunday April 15th. The Actor is now enjoy his life how he wants.

Kingsley one of the K.C. Preshs guys became wanted

Kingsley who is also one of  the K.C. Presh guys was reported to have just bashed a popular music producer cum studio engineer, Moshood Adegboro's car, that sustained serious injuries at Testing Ground Alausa, Ikeja an area of Lagos.
Due to the report we gathered,  Kingsley who has separated from his singing partner, instead of appealing to the injured producer, we learnt, that he stepped out of his car, harassed him and bragged that nothing will happen. He entered the car, according to an eye-witness and zoomed off.
Moshood, has  gone to treat himself from the injury sustained, and also has gone to Alausa Police Station where he lodged a complaint. All effort to reach Kingsley to comment on the matter was futile, even Police were said to have called him to report so as to state his own side of the story and settle the matter amicably but he has refused to comply.


Ice Prince won best African rapper in Ghana

Super star Panshak Zamani a.k.a Ice Prince who his the best Nigerian rapper, as he won the African Act of the Year at the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards, held yesterday at Dome of the Accra International Conference Centre in Ghana.The awards ceremony was well attended by top Ghanaian celebrities.
Ice Prince was honor with the award yesterday after performing with other Choc Boys' artistes; MI and Brymo at the event.
Ice Prince won the award in the category that had fellow rapper, Naeto C; two other Nigerians, D’Banj, Wizkid and Duncan Mighty; and Cabo Snoop, who is from Angola.Ice Prince has skipped high and gained more fans  with this award.
Congratulation to him.

Actress Iyabo Ojo on stage singing for the future kids

This is a substance of destiny writing to you because The future lies in our hands,hence you can also emerge as Actress Iyabo Ojo with your ability confirm it now!!!

Hip hop musician Reminisce sucking his fan's boobies on stage

Super star Reminisce hip hop musician sucking his fan's boobies at his new album which was launched  yesterday at De Place in GRA, Ikeja Lagos. The girl was so intoxicated with the way the musician cuddled her. .


Fuji musician Abass Akande Obesere Involved in motor Accident

Fuji musician, Abass Akande Obesere receiving treatment  at a private hospital in Lagos after being involved in a  motor accident on Easter Sunday April 8, 2012 in Ijebu-Ode, Ogun State, Nigeria.
Report to us that Abass  was  returning to Lagos Ijebu Ode around 8:30pm from a performance engagement in  when his driver, Femi, lost the control of the Lexus jeep LX470 and careened into the bush where it rammed into a tree. Though all the occupants of the jeep, four of them, including the musician were injured, but The shout of Hallelujah was on the lips of friends and family members of self-styled Paramount King of Music no life was lost.
Abass  said in response to the news that.
“Femi doesn’t take alcohol and when we go to shows like that I always give him time to rest and he doesn’t partake in our music performance. I was even having a phone call with my eyes gazed at him when the jeep swerved into the bush. It was a terrible occurrence, but I thank God that nobody died.”


Video of a Stillborn' Baby girl Found Alive In Morgue Coffin Argetina

 An investigation has commence  after an apparently stillborn baby girl was found alive - 12 hours after she was placed in a coffin for burial.
The parents who born  the three months premature girl, say they found she was still breathing when they went to the local morgue to say goodbye.
Analia Bouter said she never got a chance to look at her baby after the birth because she had been sedated by staff at the hospital in Chaco, northern Argentina.

Funke Abdulai plain for a big party that will shake Lagos

A London based girl Funke Abdulai who was formerly based in London before relocating to Nigeria to work in a bank. Due to a source, Funke has now engaged to Dele Oladipo, her childhood boyfriend who is also said to be a Lagos big boy. Her friends have said their wedding will also be another one that will shake the whole of Lagos . Congratulation to them.

Stay in-touch for an update !!!

Ptotos of Fainted Women on the day of Steven Kanumba burial

Tanzanian the  super star Actor was buried yesterday  in his hometown, where thousands of people people from different walks of life all showed up. Many women got fainted. Why some had to be rushed to the near by hospital.

May his gentle soul rest in perfect--Steven Kanumba


A man killed his own son and burn his wife with hot iron.

 On Easter celebration day, residents of Lambe street,At Ago-palace around Okota area, in Lagos state were a loud of cry suddenly cried out in a nearby apartment where it was latter discovered that a man was maltreating his wife with hot pressing iron and had killed their one year old baby boy by allegedly smashing his head on the floor.
Some neighbours who spoke with Crime fighters  said they heard loud cries from the apartment but no one drew close as they contemplated whether to intervene  the scene or just ignore.

Naeto C and Nicole Chukwueke traditional wedding in Owerri

Naeto C and Nicole Chukwueke had their traditional marriage  in Owerri, Imo State yesterday.
They are completely compatible and  look so beautiful together. Their white wedding is slated to hold up in July. Congratulation to this newest couple!!!


2face Idibia and Pero Adeniyi gave birth to new born baby

The Information reaching us reveals that 2face his very serious with his marriage.The new baby boy  was born yesterday in the US is the ex-couple's third child together and 2face Idibia's sixth child. Congrats to them! 
It's means that the hip hop cum R & B singer, 2face Idibia will quit bachelorhood henceforth.


Nollywood Actress Iyabo Ojo Welcome Party in Houston Texas US

Iyabo Ojo I wanna say a big thanks to you the State of rhode island and providence plantations for the honor bestowed on me, I really don't know what to say other than a very big thanks to you, and thanks to everyone that was present at the ceremony and also I wanna say a big thanks to Alhaja Fausat Ajikawo, Leeza Aramide Feyisetan Alli, Alhaji Shakirudeen Odunnewu, Alhaji Kazeem Adediran and a host of others, May almighty Allah in his infinite mercy blessed and protect you my friends and fans.

Stroll  down for view photo of the event.



On the 09-04-2012 Easter Monday , is the D-day, as all roads would lead to the East of Nigeria (Owerri, Imo State precisely) is when the handsome 30 year old son- (Naetochukwu Chikwe) of former Aviation & Transport Minister- Chief Mrs Kema Chikwe- Nigeria's Ambassador to Ireland would be sorting out the 2nd part of his nuptial ceremony to his heartbeat and darling that means the whole world to him- Nicole Chukwueke. Just as the whole world is commemorating the Resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ from the dead in triumph and glory, Naeto C as many know him and his very brilliant love would be sorting out their 'IGBA NKWU' which in Igboland is the most important part of a Nuptial ceremony, this traditional wedding ceremony to the Igbo's is the be it all, some would even prefer to do this and forgo any other.


Jim Iyke name his ringing bell again in cameroon

The name Jim Iyke has hit the ring-bell again. 
The news escalate from car ownership controversies to N15m fraud allegation, then came news that he was beaten by military men in Cameroon.
In a phone controversies with Stella Dimokokorkus, Jim Iyke spoke. According to him, "I was not beaten by anyone, I have heard that and its a big laugh."
Speaking further, the aggressive actor stated, "If I was beaten by soldiers like is being wrongly speculated, how come they only beat up my fingers and not my face or body? It is a big joke," Jim said.


Actor Aremu Afolayan---Yoruba actors and actress are beggars

 Yoruba top actor Aremu Afolayan an Actor cum producers in exclusive interview, stated that yoruba actor and actress as beggars and traders.
We are not celebrities in Nigeria. We are just traders.
We produce movies and give them to marketers who pay us what they like.
Just forget those of us that drive big cars. Ask them if they bought the cars with money realized from sale of the movies. It is our fans that feed us. We are all beggars. I own big cars, but I will still tell you that I don’t have money. Fans help us. They call us and tell us they like our movie and ask us to send our bank account number.
I sold my cars to produce my movie. I had four cars and they were valued at N18m. But I sold them for N2m each just to raise money to produce my film. It is so bad. I am talking about Yoruba actors specifically. I don’t really know about the English genre. I know those ones are big boys and girls.
As a matter of fact yoruba actors, we are all beggars.


Iyabo Ojo is back from America to her homeland

Yoruba renowned actress Iyabo Ojo left United States of America and stormed Nigeria on 29 of march 2012.
To launch her newest project “PINK LADY GROUP” which was held on the 1st of April 2012. Congratulations to the talented actress set-out and did indeed get back here safely in Nigeria.
Many people from different walks of life all trooped into the venue of the welcome party to honor and pay homage to the film-writer actress cum producer.
Her fans were all pleased to witness the event which created a forum for them to meet with her on an up close and relaxed atmosphere. Consequently Iyabo said I have earmarked this Month to relax, enjoy myself, and glorify the work of the omnipotent god in my life. The actress presently is in her castle at omole estate ikeja relishing her life the way she wants saying how can one work like an elephant and be eating like an indolent.