ALHAJI LUKUMON EBUN OLOYEDE the top yoruba actor


Alhaji Lukmon Ebun Oloyede, popularly known as Olaiya Igwe is more working hard on his

new movie the movie that its production will cost worth millions naira production,
Ebun Oloyede as been called among the Yoruba movie industry Igwe  he as been the subject people are talking about in town, that the dark complexioned actor. I discovered the positive influence of tribal marks when I met late Chief Adeyemi Afolayan(aka Ade Love), who wore facial marks and still attained stardom as a actor-cum-film maker " .
According to him, that self-discovery has paid-off today, making him the crown prince of Yoruba movie sector. He speaks on this and more.

background--- I was born in Kenta, Oke-Ejigbo Abeokuta, Ogun State 40 years ago. I attended St. Judes Primary School, Abeokuta. I completed my secondary education at the Premier Grammar School also at Abeokuta. At present, I am a Mass Communication student of Moshood Abiola Polytechnic, Ojere, Abeokuta.

coming into acting---I joined Musbau Shodimu Theatre Organisation based in Abeokuta in the 1970s. Ironically, my parents did not like it. But I convinced them. At the time I gained admission my acting talent started manifesting.

my passion   ----
It was like anointing, My face actually became my selling point. I could remember vividly, how it happened. It was about 1978 or so. I was in Century Cinema watching one of the films of the late Adeyemi Afolayan entitled, Maaramo. Its like I 've never watched a film star having tribal marks. I saw the man on stage. He acted perfectly well without minding the marks. I felt very lively.At that point I got inspired. I ruminated over the issue and I promised myself I was going to become a theatre practitioner. I started with Pariolodo before we went separate ways.

Ebun Oloyede has made his mark in Nigeria movie industry of the Yoruba genre with hit movies like Iru Esin (his magnum opus),Ololade,(Mr Money),and the award – winning Abela pupa among others. Oloyede who is popularly called Olaiya or Igwe by his fans had his baptismal outing on stage in the 1970s when he joined the Musbau Shodimu Theatre organisation.

Olaiya, is from Ogun State with facial marks, however, believes that his marks is ringing bell which has made him a superstar today. this producer has been very  thankful to God Almighty is creator that he who sees life easy is never busy, as he escaped death by the whiskers in a ghastly auto accident recently, at Ipaja, a suburb of Lagos.

NFC gathered that the accident, involving Olaiya, who was driving his white Honda Accord car and an SUV, occurred at Water Bus Stop along Ipaja Estate Road.

According to an eyewitness, the accident happened early evening of the fateful day, when the driver of the SUV unmindfully entered the dual carriage way and Olaiya, who could not control his speed, rammed into it from the rear, leaving his car badly damaged and him sustaining a minor head injury resulting from smashing the head on the windscreen which was also shattered.

It was gathered that an argument ensued between Olaiya and the driver of the SUV over who was at fault, but many prevailed on Abeokuta-born actor to thank God for sparing his life, while both later resolved the issue amicably.

His car was, however, later towed to the nearest  mechanic workshop for amendment.

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