Alabi Pasuma Wonder who is the only entertainer who entertain in both home and abroad will be entertaining us today at ojo alaba road iyano Iba bus stop Lagos.He was being invited by peak milk to advertise their product and entertain their patronages.

Pasuma Wonder I plain to  be celebrating in Mushin in my house with my family members and Friends  unfortunately I got a call from Benne republic Nigeria meanwhile I was till  at abroad that faithful day I got their  call.But I was told not to bother about my ticket. they paid for me and my boys that I must be the one to open the stadium.due to my likeness I was rated as a king on getting there.I played  at  their new stadium I was the one that open the stadium I entertained them then their expectation.

more so I have also be invited to sing in  for them again in Benne  republic of Nigeria nest month November (6) to entertain them as I did recently  

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