I DID NOT SNATCH ANYBODY`S HUSBAND O- Yoruba Actress, Bisi Komolafe

"They met while in 200 level back in Ogun State University and left in 300 level for Canada.How come she claimed she finished her education?
And Tunde has been in Canada since his 400 level.He’s from a wealthy family"

         Esteemed  actress,Bisi Komolafe is in it again.She’s said to be enmeshed in a husband snatching saga.The beautiful actress was
said to have broken a Canada based Nigerian couple’s marriage.Their names are Oluomotunde Ijaodola and Niniola.
The couple,who are 30 years apiece,got married in 2007 at Abeokuta Sports Centre,Abeokuta,Ogun State capital before relocating to Canada along with their two children,Simi and Dara.While Niniola worked as a nurse,Tunde shuttled between Canada and Nigeria selling cars.
          The hubby reportedly had some issues with the wife and Bisi Komolafe was fingered as the brain behind the palaver.

the actress was being interview recently , at the centre of the crisis opened up. She said; Everything is a lie.Tunde Ijaodola is my friend.He is  Canada based but had issues with his wife. The marriage actually crashed about two years ago.He shuttles Nigeria and Canada.Somebody hacked his box and used it against the two of us.
            Later,he explained to me that it was his wife.I asked why she did that.Even if you have problem with your marriage and you want it back,there are decent ways you can go about it.
She alleged the guy was not good for her and left him.If someone else picks him up and treats him like he is the best man in the on earth  ,then you should let go, and if you don’t want to let go,you should look for ways to apologize and claim your man back instead of  blackmailing, definitely,if you leave somebody,someone else would pick him up.

Asked if Tunde’s wife get across to her as speculated,she said No.they are not in good terms.I was not responsible for their break-up.Their union crashed before I met him.I met him going through a lot of emotional trauma.They don’t even speak on phone again.Their marriage crashed two years ago and I met him few months ago.

How on earth would I have been responsible? She did something so terrible.She ordered the arrest of her mother-in-law and she was deported from Canada.

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