DORIS SIMEON Yoruba Actress I -was embarrasseed

Star actress Doris Simeon was born in Lagos, Nigeria. She was married to veteran movie producer$director Daniel Ademinokan,whom she met on set some years back. They have a son named David.

Simeon also star in home video such as,Oloju Ede, Alakada, Ten Million Naira , Modupe Temi and Eti Keta. In 2010 she started as Da Green's girlfriend in Ghetto Dreamz This thespian has been recognized and rewarded by the africa movie academy award (AMAA) and Zulu african film academy Awards (ZAFAA) In a recent interview with Entertainment Express, she revealed her most embarrassing moment as a public figure.
Simeon--This happened in broad day light in Ketu. I was driving out from the market and there was this taxi man, maybe, he was fatigued or probably sleeping, frustrated, drunk or something else, his car was in front of mine in traffic. As other cars were moving, he was not moving, so I had to over take him. To my consternation, the man alighted from his cab, came to where I was sitting behind the wheels and slapped me heavily. I felt so bad that I had to come down to confront him. To escalate  the tensed situation, onlookers that gathered immediately supported the man without listening to my own side of the story to consider both aspect . They were like: “you are a star, an actress, you shouldn’t have confronted him, and don’t you know he is a man.” Meaning I should allow people walk up to me and do whatever they like and go scot-free like  that because I am an actress. That was my most embarrassing moment!!

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