As the the result of Baba Suwe being arrested by NDLEA, his colleagues have expressed shock over drug scandal.
They wondered how an actor of his stature could be involved in drug business .
The former President of Nigeria Association Theatre Art the Prince Jide Kosoko was anxious and angry when he spoke to

At first he said: “Are you sure it is true? If it is, it is ridiculous . It is ridiculous  I repeated. I can hardly believe the story. What else does he want in life? This is ridiculous, total  ridiculous of him.
But Sunday Omobolanle popularly knows as Papy Luwe who called to confirm the report said he was untrue “But I can’t believe that what I am hearing is true. A friend who is in London spoke with me on phone and said that he saw the story on-line edition of Sorry I will speak with you later.”
Barrister Tunji Bamishigbin, an actor and a Lawyer, told that if it is true that Baba Suwe is involved in drug business , then he does not deserve the position and respect the Nigerian society has given him.
And It is also a big shame that he is disappointed  because the society seen us as the mirror through which they watch themselves and if we are seen in  where we should  not be seen, it is very shameful.
Also Actress, Remi Oshodi popularly knows as Surutu expressed the disappointment with baba Suwe shameful act.
That whoever is not satisfied with whatever god has given to he or her  will surely end up in shamed. We are the mirror through which the society looks given example. It is a big shame to all of  she said.
And also Femi Brainard  stated the shameful act of the star actor Baba Suwe, saying “this shameful act must stopped in the scene that  Wunmi was the first victim, and because she was pardoned  that does not mean that Baba Suwe will go scot free. What he has done is a scar  on us and the entire movie industry. This time he must to face the music.
To what Hon Rotimi Makinde, a member of the House Representatives, “it is a deplorably shock. “It’s indeed a disgrace to many of us in the industry. I reserve further comments for now until I get details.” He said, Sanya Ojo.
This incident has gather  a huge backlash against the comedian, while  some saying it is merely  a comedy

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