Come with us and get to know her more better-

I- remain myself, Lizzy Anjorin Akanke Ibukun-Olu, I don't like too much friends so I make reasonable ones. I'm hard-working, ready to do anything legally when it comes to business. Either business or my job, I'm--
a hard working person.  
Q=what makes you unique?
A-Let me say the way I work, my relationship with some producers, directors and some of my colleagues, the upcoming actors, the old actors and my senior ones, the way I relate with them and keep my relationship with them. That's what makes me unique and that has kept me going in the industry.

Q=How long do you intend to stay in the industry?

A--Well if God say stop, I will definitely stop. Acting is not something you do forever and it can still be done forever, like Iya Awero, she has been acting since her younger days, now she is old and she still acting. If you are doing a job you will never pray that you should be cut off from the job. But in terms of destiny, when God says yes, then yes and when He says no, it is no. All I know is if God says maybe I should quit, though I'm not ready to quit now, then I quit. It's just that I love acting very much, it's in me. Actually, we are many in the industry but many usually search for what's in them. For me however, acting is in me.I have been in the industry for a couple of years now,

Q=What has acting contributed to your life and how have you been coping?

A--Well, it has changed my life for good because if you are doing a job and you are physically and mentally doing well, you are aiming higher every day, then that job has brought you fortune.

If you really like something you won't mind the challenges, you just have to face it. Actually it hasn't been an easy stuff for me but it's something I have passion for and love doing; because it is in me, so I am ready to face the challenges.

Q=How well do you respond to stories about you in the media?

A--I called the writers of the stories and ask where they got the fact from though some reporters write to thrill readers and at times for some people who want to laugh at one's peril. But most of the untrue stories baffle me; because I knew these are things I didn't do. Most reporters called me before writing their stories and I have always been as honest as possible in my response. I mostly debunk the untrue stories and I also try to enlighten them more about such untrue stories. I need to help them with their job because my own cooperation with them makes everything easy. However, some reporters don't even bother to call before writing their stories; the problem is that some reporters are very lazy in investigating the true facts of their stories before publishing. In Nigeria, 90 percent of those who read newspapers believe all the stories while 10 percent of those readers hardly believe stories they read. But when those who believed it, in one way or the other meet you for business, they tend to react on the particular story they had reads and thereby lose trust in you. I do felt  bed about false stories so I react bluntly to protect my image and personality.

Q=How do negative stories affected you?

A--Yes, they do affected me. When a reporter writes an untrue story about me, some people will want to know who Lizzy Anjorin is. When they meet me, it turns out to be a different played game because I'm far away from what they wrote or said about me. However there are some who tend to believe what they read about you not knowing that they are creating doubts in their minds in doing business with one.
Q= How do you relate with your colleagues?

A--I'm not quarrelsome. I make friends; except for some who don't want to be friends with me; those who think they are stars and think they are above others would not want to make friend with me. So if you don't want trouble you just have to leave them and face your business. Some actors who see themselves as ordinary colleagues would call you from time to time at different locations to check on your welfare. We do call each other for acting jobs or for other businesses. For me, I don't know how to keep friends that will entail me going from house to house to greet friends or being a friend that moves around together like a group. Not that I don't have friends, I make friends with those who encourage me and support me in what I love doing like Aunty Bimbo Oshin, Aunty Ayo Adesanya, Uncle Yomi Fash, Femi Adebayo and many others; we are all one big family and nothing can separate us and we will surely render help to each other.

Q=Apart from acting what other business do you do?

A--Apart from acting, I also engage myself in buying and selling goods. I do house decorations, events planning and facial treatment for people. These are what I have been doing while I was young before going into full-time acting but buying and selling is what I didn't learn from anybody.

Q=Tell us  know about 'Peak Me?
A--Peak Me' is not a paraga joint likewise a wine shop as reported in some section of the media. 'Peak Me' is a beauty and gift house where you can get different gift items and make treat your facial problems. Moreover, 'Peak Me' is the name of my production company, and it's about showing the best of me to my fans.

Q=Are you in any relationship at present?

A--Yes, I'm in relationship with someone, do you think as big and beautiful as I am, I won't have a lover or be shy of saying that 'I'm in love?. However, that is the least I can tell you about my love life.

When are you getting married or do you want to remain a single mother for life?

I will never remain a single mother. I will get married but not now, and when the times comes I would let you all know about it. but it's going to be a low key event.
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Delectable Yoruba actress, Lizzy Anjorin has been courting controversies since her emergence in the movie industry, but has remained unperturbed about uncomplimentary remarks flying around her. In this exclusive interview the Badagry-born sultry actress opened up on her strong personality!

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