Shegun Ogungbe, the producer of (Banke Despirado).(Bebe Nbe).(Akanni Olowo Orimi 1&2).(Ibi Giga 1&2.) (Opeyemi Oni Tiata.)Moving to another,dimension Which is (Ite Oba)
In 18th Century,god created some people which he gave them the power and privelage to control on earth,among them is Ogedengbe Agbogun Gboro.of Ijesa land,Ijesa Osere Omo oni le obi Omo Atenieka Omo Oniyan ewele,
  also Afonja in Ilorin land, Omo Olanimuniyan Abatabutu Oloro Opomulero Moganiko, also Efunsetan Aniwura Iyalode of Ibadon land, A woman worior like man in war, and also a strong man Sango Alaafin of oyo land Ologuorogbo Elerekeobi Ayoroina Akatayereyere,  moving to Abeokuta Lisabi of Abeokuta land, Agbogbolo Akara Igbeimotu Omo Abilegoru Omo Sikiki Omo Orogba, Both in this 20th Century moved now to the one and only man who god granted the power to control which is the man of valour the one and only Ajanu Okunrin Ogun the man of war watch out ITE OBA(throne) Part 2 live.     

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