IYABO OJO YORUBA ACTRESS I boasted am not dating Pasuma----

It was allegation  that the queen of Yoruba Movie is dating Pasuma Wonder. The scintillating actress boasted over the rumour that how can she be dating the Music Star. In her response,
I can never date Pasuma”; I can’t date Pasuma and I won’t date him, it is not possible. I don’t even like dating musicians; they should forget it.
The elegant actress is enjoying life the way it comes despite the huge misconceptions surrounding her acting career.

is among the prominent and leading actress in Yoruba Movie Industry. Her regular features in Movie spicy the total acceptance of such films because the elegant actress has large fans in her shores.
The screen diva is on the “A” list of controversial movie stars in Nollywood Yoruba Movie Industry. She is surrounded with lots of controversies which may take decade to be settled.
Although, the babe is on a high level and classy caucus in the Entertainment Industry which given her an edge over other colleagues of her status. Her acting career blossom to the stage of traveling around the globe which earned her various ovations,
The sensational Iyabo Ojo who begins her acting career in late 90’s by featured in a movie called “Satanic” produced by Keppy Epeyong has acted in more than hundreds of movies and her pocket has swollen more bigger with amazing packages.
The controversial actress might have perfected every aspect of her life but her ability to have desirable and stable marriage is a failure on her part. The mother of two may experience more difficulties to settle under a man due to her high level of exposure, experiences and wild life style. It was once rumoured that the famous Yoruba Movie Star was having a sexual relationship with a popular Yoruba actor, Muka Ray of Ray family. The sexy actress debunked the rumour that it was just a mere rumour on the part of the story. The actress quoted as saying, “I never dated Muka Ray, if I had dated him, I would have married him”.
The screen goddess who is currently in a relationship over a year is determined not to gamble with marriage again in her life time.
reward for her selfless efforts.Now if you ask us who has got the swagger at the Encomium Primetime Entertainment Green and White Party on 1 October 2009,till now we would gladly write the name of Yoruba actress, Iyabo Ojo across the board. Yeah, the chic look totally repackaged, starting from her make up and dressing.she looked more covered and guess what, she looked more calm.Those rings that use to dance 'palongo' on her face were also missing.The tattoos on her body have given her another publicity which she claimed gave her solace during her crashed marriage.I can possibly tell you that someone here has been listening to style advisers.Iyabo ojo I so Congrats you!!!!!!

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