Actor Aremu Afolayan---Yoruba actors and actress are beggars

 Yoruba top actor Aremu Afolayan an Actor cum producers in exclusive interview, stated that yoruba actor and actress as beggars and traders.
We are not celebrities in Nigeria. We are just traders.
We produce movies and give them to marketers who pay us what they like.
Just forget those of us that drive big cars. Ask them if they bought the cars with money realized from sale of the movies. It is our fans that feed us. We are all beggars. I own big cars, but I will still tell you that I don’t have money. Fans help us. They call us and tell us they like our movie and ask us to send our bank account number.
I sold my cars to produce my movie. I had four cars and they were valued at N18m. But I sold them for N2m each just to raise money to produce my film. It is so bad. I am talking about Yoruba actors specifically. I don’t really know about the English genre. I know those ones are big boys and girls.
As a matter of fact yoruba actors, we are all beggars.

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