9ice Alapomeji has fully part way with his manager

Superstar 9ice Alapomeji has now  decided to fully part ways with
with his longtime manager, Dehinde Fajana Modef after 10 years of working together.9ice and 
Dehinde confirmed in a recent interview
that the decision to stop working together was mutual, and that they are still as good friends. Dehinde played down the separation, saying it was a move in the interest of 9ice trying new approach...
9ice ending a relationship plagued by controversy ever since he broke up with his babymama, Toni payne has raised eyebrows.
Toni Payne once accused Dehinde of breaking up her marriage with 9ice. 9ice's split from manager comes amid rumour that he's reunited with his babymama. This has kept the reconciliation rumour alive and kicking. This rumor sounds crazy since Dehinde has done so well with 9ice.
We never can tell yet who'll replace Dehinde Fajana as 9ice's manager.

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