Mosun Filani, was recently disgraced at a movie location in Abeokuta, while she was on location for the shooting of a top Abeokuta based Yoruba actor cum producer.

According to Our source that the costumier for the movie brought to the location the second hand clothes called Bend down select in the local parlance, the costumes were seriously oozing the Bend down select (Okirika) smell that the producer had to tell the costumier to get a perfume to spray on the Bend down select (Okirika).immidately as the costumier went for the perfume, according to source revealed that Mosun’s Personal Assistant had gone to bring Mosun’s perfume and sprayed on the Bend down select (Okirika).And when this fair skinned actress, Mosun knnow that the costumes was sprayed,she deride and downgrade the costumier,she asked, “Who sprayed this perfume that is used on corpse in the mortuary on these clothes?” Not knowing that it was her perfume that was sprayed on the second hand (Okirika) cloths,
She got disgraced of her life when she was told it was her perfumed that was in sprayed on the second hand (Okirika). However she remain intermittently happy and sad that faitful day,But those at the location were really really happy the way she disgraced herself that day!

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