The full meaning of my name Pasuma Wonder--


P Means positive of changing people’s life through Music.
A Means ability to accelerate Fuji Music.
S Means selflessness to people.
U Means unification of Musician.
M Means melodious meaningful Musician.
A Means artificial able to articulate.  

W Means world wide winner.
O Means organized music for the new and next generation.
N Means new dimension into Fuji music.
D Means danceable music for all tribes.
E Means entertainer who entertain the entertainers.
R Means redeeming the music industry.
Alabi Pasuma his an icon and arguably The most handsome boy in Fuji artist. He has been on top since day one, His name has been ringing bell in home and abroad, Wherever  he go People hold him with high esteemed and acclaimed him than he ever thought,  He  has traveled far away evangelizing the gospel of Fuji supporting people 99% of people in the  music industry Wish yourself to be like him Though he his made in Nigeria but all wide product boy, no failure in him, But all round Net world 
When I came into this music industry I named my first record recognition because I want people to recognition me in the industry as a Fuji artist, After that I did a follow up album called choices because I know quite all right that Fuji musician will get a lot of fans and I want people to chose me as their choices, Then that has encouraged me in my way of making Fuji album  which I called Orobokibo which gave me my first award and the fame am into now I started playing every where in school parties they accepted me as a musician etc. why the release of computer as finally boost the fifth  album that I called the man people started asking their self that who is this man that called himself the computer and I said fine, If you are doing something do it for future reference, After  the man I went into the studio again the man to get the acquired confidence among my contemporary as in my competitors as in all the Fuji musician that we  live and started in mushin  together, My first London experience as truly made me the real African puff daddy and with that all my fans acknowledged me as the only entertainer who entertain the entertainers both in and abroad because my London scope as made me an Americana. Why the release of my melody album extravaganza as fascinated my fans to recognized me among the desperado, who is highly desperado to attain the high level and joker. now that the judgment of their acceptance is unique and superior as a result of my Fuji motion and all this have no doubt to make them to be able to maintain and sustain, To sustain them self wherever they go the importer and exporter government officials, traders, students,as in one way or the other to become positive a initiator of one thing or the other because of their regularly listing to Pasuma heart movie music. My going in and out as finally gave me the stability in the Nigeria music industry and abroad why my brain box and stardom is the stepping stone which as made my music and infinity, ability, sure pass, and flesher, for the present and next generation with this affirmation you can now fill it.           

This article is written by  
Pasuma where you get your inspiration to entertain us with your melodious sing  will not be reveal to your him whenever you need  entertainment he his always their for you
 Pasuma wonder his only the Fuji musician that release  the best December tonic album yearly  another will be out soon this faithful month we are in be willing to grab you copy.  

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