Kids love to dance with Yoruba Actress Iyabo Ojo's Show.

 Things we can support our NGO with

Baby food
Food stuffs
Baby Diapers
Baby Cream&Lotion
Shoes for the boys/Girls (ages 0-15)
Clothes for the boys/Girls (ages 0-15)
Slippers for the Boys/Girls (ages 015)

If you like to contribute or support our NGO in any other form or with other items we will gladly welcome it and appreciate it.

Kids love to dance with Sister Iyabo Ojo is Saturday dance school designed for only kids, from the ages of (three to fifteen) to teach and train them different dance steps. They also get to have fun, interact with their peers and learn a lot about kids living with any form of disability and orphans.

                Aims and Objectives
The main objectives of the school is reach out to kids living with disability and less privileged kids and orphans, the kids learn how to dance after which the school takes them out on visitation to any orphanage, special home (home for kids with disability) to interact with them, learn them, to get exposure and great experience, show them love and affection, share gift with them and at the end dance with them to lighten up their mind and put a smile on the faces of this kids in need.

           Importance of the school
Kids learn about god and appreciate Him for given them a healthy body to dance and sound mind to understand it.

Exercise is good for the body and sound mind, the kids learn to exercise their body through dancing and also get to have fun while doing it.

Kids learn to appreciate their parent/guardian. Kids learn to appreciate their fellow peeps.
Kids learn about sharing, giving and caring. Kids learn to help other kids in need and also learn that through their dancing a soul is saved.

        Rules and Regulation
All students must be in school every Saturday 2pm to 6pm prompt.
All students must always come with their dance kit.
All students must come with their tight. Parent/Guardian must inform the school if a child can’t make it or he or she is ill before Saturday.
All student must eat before coming to school. A sick kid/student should not come for rehearsals.
Parent/guardian are not allowed to wait till after closing hours.

  1. Form ------------- //1,000 (Non –Refundable)
  2. School fee ---------//5,000 (Monthly)
  3. Dance kit ---------//3,000 (Starters)
Bag – T.Shirt – Writing Materials – Face towel.
4.Transportation fee //3,000 (Monthly)
(Ikeja, Maryland, Magodo)
N.B: Only students who pays would be allowed into the school bus.
The school does not accept cheque for any payment

         Days we will be taking the kids  out for visitation.
 February ----14th  which is Valentine’s Day.
March / April---- Easter Monday.
May ----- 27th  children’s day.
October ----1 Independence Day.
December ----- Christmas Period.

If you will like us to take your kids out to visit other kids in need on their birthday? Please make sure your intention know on the management on time so that as to make adequate preparation.

          Kids love to dance with Iyabo Ojo Show.

This is a kids life recorded show for our  NGO programming. On each episode, we would bring a special child (child with any form of disability) who needs help through our website, . A medical practitioner in the line of the child’s disability would also be invited, who will come and talk, educate and advise both the audience & viewers on the child’s illness after which our NGO and great divas will give a token to help and support the child. The kids love to dance with sister Iyabo Ojo’s student will dance to entertain the child, audience and viewers alongside a celebrity will be invited to join in the topic, interact and dance with the children.

If you will love your child to be part of this programme, please indicate by filling our form……………………………………………………………….
 If you will like to contribute to our NGO programme: DANCING TO SAVE A SOUL in any form, our organization will gladly welcome it all.
 May almighty god replenish&abounds as you part talk. AMEN.

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