Alabi Pasuma-Real Reason Why I Left Mushin.

When Kwam 1 the ultimate (formally known as Wasiu ayinde Barrister) made his first major album hit in 1984, Then Ajibola Pasuma was just a final year student of Nigeria model high school, Idi Oro, Mushin; and was getting ready to leave high school, with no gold in his hands. Pasuma being an average kid in
mushin(ghetto area) with all the negative vices and circumstances, the future was bleak. Life on the streets was inevitable. By default, one would have expected him to become street urchin, bus conductor, or other go into practices, such as drug peddlihgs, or even going into armed robbery. And despite finding Fuji an escape, many still thought Pasuma was a singer by day and robber by night. Especially with incessant reports of robbery anytime he was on the bandstand.

After I became successful, I have to leave the ghetto. Because of my fans, they have to be able to reach me in a highbrow area…its better to move out from there… not that I forget that place cos that’s my root…. I still have an apartment in mushin … my mom is in papa ajao… I still have an office in mushin…I can never forget mushin. That’s my root’.
Unfortunately, I will not build my first house in the neighborhood where I first found fame and fortune. ‘I’m almost through with building my house. I’m just trying to build a home for me and my family. To show people that I appreciate what they’ve done for me since.. it’s a very tasteful property. Something you’ll see and say no wonder it took so long… I want people to see it and say its beautiful… it’s in river view estate, Ikeja… Lagos Nigeria. 

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