YOMI FABIYI.YORUBA ACTOR nominated for two awards in London --

Nollywood has been bleesed with talented actors the guy on this view is one of the yoruba blessed actor.He discloses to us  recently , with His acting career YOMI FABIYI.
Yomi Fabiyi an esteemed actor who born and grew up in shomolu local government Lagos,
He went to odunlade pramiry school, than it was a street education but later jumped into Igbobi college shomolu his motive make things work out well because he got naurall ability and talent to do things.
Fabiyi you see where somebody grows up matters a lot and those people you meggle with few people are able to identify the talent in me like the women in my surrounding .you see if you don't go into the industry l wont be happy with you  once you have ability and talent you are going to do it and become successful with it.just like me in nutshell  than i was having problem in getting admission into high institution it was interesting when I dabble into it my first touch was in my elders touch,however i have the faith and I believe in what i am doing, if you are doing something and you have believe in it it will turn to see there is what we call Turning point if you don't believe in your skill you are going to hit that turning point anytime or you turn back from doing it, you might say you don't want to do it any more,my latest movie is mofe (I want) ,I appreciated my fans and my viewers over there that really accepted this movie, at the moment am nominated for two awards in London the best actors and the best movie of the year 2011,it's quite impressive which I never even expected it for people to have voting and said this movie is interesting we love it I rote the story myself,alot of people have be asking that is't fiction or real but along the line I told them that the story is fiction,more-so the one that will be shoot now is ona bayo means the way out,am trying to invest a technical ability just to give an edge to hint the movies, you see this film is technical simple advise for people is when you come into the industry get minimum of sex month training education and that will help your skill that all.(ONA ABAYO) THE WAY OUT.Is Coming to the cinema soon Please just follow us!

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