Lizzy Anjorin spoke about Iyabo Ojo default.

In a recent interview, Lizzy spoke about thier fight Lizzy has been in the news recently over her renewed fight with colleague,Iyabo Ojo as the two The elegant actresses have been trying to outdo each other in their war of words.
I only defended myself. It seems most people saw my own interview and they started reacting to it, they didn’t see hers and they felt I started it.
I think Idan Irawo on HITV needs to replay the two interviews.
She even went as far as referring to me as a cultist, that I was involved in cult activities while in school, meanwhile while in school, I was an activist and not a cultist. I don’t blame her she only had a stint with higher education.
Like you said if some people had known you have been in the industry for a while they won’t be commanding you to respect them,so for how long have you been acting?
I have been around since 2002 and then I was in the university.I was under Sama then in Abeokuta and that is the same person that trained Mr.Latin,that is why you must be careful when you are meeting somebody for the first time.

If probably she had known that I have been around since 2002 in the industry and also that I have a thirteen year old daughter she wouldn’t have come to me like that.
Q=You once said you only saw Iyabo Ojo twice in your whole life?
A-Yes, before the HITV interview I had seen her only twice, the interview was conducted last year.
But now we have seen five times with the forth being on the movie location of late Ahmed Alasari before he died and recently at the 40th birthday of Global Excellence editor.
Q=But mere looking at it seems you love the controversy?
A-You can say whatever you like,I only hate being cheated or taking me for a foul. I am friendly to fault. 

We just try to learn that all is vanity in life. I don’t smoke, I don’t drink I don’t club like them. How many of them don’t smoke nor do all these things? Yet they still ill talk about me,will I keep mute and let them tanish my image?
Q=Before now many people had believed you and Iyabo Ojo should have settled your differences until recently that the fight seems to have been renewed and it is even getting messier. Why the renewal?
A-Because she is being so stupid, I’m not sorry to say it,at all yes.
How can she go ahead and grant a television interview? It is a matter of two fighting and you are the first person to talk, then the second person will have a upper hand over you when she is talking.
Agreed we fought one on one at a media house, must she still go ahead and grant a television station an interview where she said a lot of rubbish about me and when they came to me for an interview, I replied her. 

Q=This why the fight started again?
I don’t know, anything you like you call it. Since she did not keep mute I won’t also keep mute. I expected both of us to have gone our separate ways by ignoring each other till this happened again.
After confrontation in the papers she still employed the audio-visual to drive home her point, must she say anything on screen in the first instance? The station only called me to hear my side of the story.
Q=So you decided to make it a fight to finish it all by turning it into roforofo fight?
A-No it’s not a matter of fight to finish, it is just like the general saying that first to do no dey pain.It is a case of allegation and counter-allegation simple. 

You only need to watch the two interviews and judge both aspect,People asked me Lizzy,Iyabo Ojo said this that about you how true is it and I answered.
Not fight There was an allegation, you are in court you as the plaintiff you have an accused person and they asked the accused, is it true that you killed so so person and the accused will answer no I didn’t do it that is all.

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