YORUBA childhood friends actors,Are Olaniyi Afonja & Adekola Tijani

are the zapy rave- in their forte in the in the yoruba movie industry.Muniru Ati Ambali  Muniru (Adekola Tijani) and Ambali ( Olaniyi Afonja)childhood friends, trying  to get rich at all cost,falls into different kinds of wonder movies  thereby creating  themselves into melody films.

The clamour for their works by fans and practitioners have given them zenith popularity of top shots in their field, But Babatunde Omidina.a.k.a Baba Suwe and Bolaji Amusan a.k.a Baba Latin, are the brain box of the comic actors in the movie industry.
The duo are generally regarded as natural with their style and more professional in their approach to work.
Findings revealed that though they trained under the same master, Prince Oluseyi Adeoye of Adeoye Motion PIctures, in Ibadan,But later came to Lagos to play their trade together and are usually paired together in movies they hit lime light working individually.
The character that firmly solidified Olaniyi Afonja a.k.a Sanyeri's fame was Opakan . He played the role along side actor Odunlade Adekola in the same titled flick. He had grabbed attention with his peformance in the movie title, Aina Orosun formaly before then.
But Adekola Tijani a.k.a Oleyo, grant his fame with his performance of the same character with the same title film, along side actor Muyiwa Ademola.
He has fascinated viewers mind with his proficiency with the Character Kamilu Kompo, in a movie of the same title.
These exploits and the excel seller made them accented the throne in their movies to Kings of Comedy in the Yoruba movie industry
The accolades and wide acceptance trailing the latest work featuring them,side by side

(Muniru Ati Ambali)  Is beyond doubt that they have successful deposed, Baba suwe and Baba Latins of their genre.
Confirmed source stated that they are currently besieged with movie offers from producers and colleagues striving to cash in on their popularity with the publicity.
Unconfirmed source stated that the Baba Latin and Baba Suwe are also individually working on how to work together with the rave actors.However in the same industry but on another front, two popular actors, Femi Adebayo and Odunlade Adekola are battling to receive the title of the Best Actor available at ground.
Due to the Source divulged that the raging war between the two is still very low profile and restricted to their work.
They are said to be engaged in this supremacy battle on two front. The kind of movies they produce individually and the type of script they accept to be a part in.
The viewers and the consultant gave the role best actor via awards to Odun Adekola due to his performance last year. But experts are divided over who is better.The duo have taken it upon themselves to come up tops strictly on merit. But many believe it will be a tight call because they are both wonderful role interpreters,

But However their work is till in progress just stay  for  updating! 

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