Moji Olaiya moved from her matrimonial home to a rented apartment

Nollywood actress Moji Olaiya who served as the brand Ambassador for the last concluded Ekiti State Festival , Ekiti Fest’ who is now living large and happy,her estrange husband, Bayo Okesola who has being begging her to move back to their matrimonial home is rumoured to be seen with a lady he may end up marrying, it was reported that Moji abandoned him because she was often assaulted by him and also, she claimed he was lazy. Moji narrated the story why she gave him the exit door to follow “One of the reasons is this, I broked up with my husband because of domestic violence, but I don’t want to give the whole details of the mess. I am not going to hold brief for anybody. If you call two or three people, who knew about our relationship, they will confirm what I am saying. Some men believe they can show their ego by beating their wives,” Bayo is reported to be doing a hide and seek game with a lady and it is said that he may end up marrying her if things work out right. According to sources, “ Moji reportedly endured series of domestic abuse as part of efforts not to go down history as one of many public figures with failed marriages- until her hubby reportedly fathered a child out of wedlock and she moved out of her matrimonial home recently an.moved into a rented apartment at Omole Phase 2 estate.”

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