D'Prince one of the mo'hit alleged for Susan Q's Death

Due to what we gathered today. D'Prince, who is the younger brother of Mohits boss, Don Jazzy, was arrested by men of the Nigerian Police.
D'Prince was reportedly arrested last week Monday, March 14 by officers at the homicide department at Panti, Yaba, Lagos State.
He was beening arrested after late Susan Yussuf's mum allegedly fingered D'Prince in the murder of the late club owner, Susan Q, as she is also called.
D'Prince was held for about nine hours at the police station. He was accompanied by his lawyer and some of his beloved friends of him.
Susan Q's mum was said to have told the police some revealing allegations linking D'Prince and one female singer with the death of Susan Q.
But however he was later released when there were no serious evidence linking D'Prince with Susan Q's death. The only link with Susan Q's death available to the police for now is Idris Mohammed, who also died after the incident happened .
You will recall that Susan Q and D'Prince's relationship went bitter after attempt to run Club Jonzing fell out.

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