Otunba Wasiu Ajibola Alabi Pasuma all album released

Alabi new album titled (Purity) is out on sales
Pasuma acceded to the throne as Otunba Fuji music and best entertainer of the year world wide as a result of his proficiency  act in entertainment industry and his ability to   released at list one or more than one album annually as an excel proficient Fuji musician.
Pasuma to god be the glory that I have once again been able to put together new album titled purity  that is set to blow your mind not only  because of the high tempo beat you know me for but also, because it is fully lyrically rich.I wouldn’t have been able  to attain this zenith position without the support of my fans who stood by me throughout my career ever since I started in 1993. 
First Album in 1993 (Recognition)
Second Album in 1994 (Choices)
Third Album in 1995 (Oroboko)
Firth Album in 1996 (Computer)
Sixth Album in 1997 (The man) 
Seven Album in 1998 (Confidence)
Eight Album in 1999 (London experience)
Nine Album In 1999 (London scope)
Tenth  Album in 2000 (African puff daddy)
Eleven Album in 2001 (Entertainer)
Twelve Album in 2002 (American)
Thirteen Album in 2002 extervaganzier 
Fourteen Album 2003 (Desperado)
Fifteen Album in 2003 two in one (High) and (Joker)  
Sixteen Album in 2004 (judgment)
Seventh Album in 2005 two in one (Unique) and (Superior)
Eighteen Album in 2005 (Fuji motion)
Nineteen Album in 2006 two in one (maintain) and (sustain)
Twenty  in 2006 (Initiator)
Twenty one Album two in one  (Importer) and (exporter) 
Twenty two Album in 2007 (Stability)
Twenty three Album2007(In and out)
Twenty- four Album 2008 two in one (brain box)and (stadium)
Twenty-five Album in 2008 (Infinity)
Twenty-six Album in 2009 (Role model)
Twenty seventh Album in 2009 (Feel it)
Twenty eight Album in 2010 (Ability)   
Twenty nine Album in 2010 (Yankee party time)
Thirty Album in2010 (Sure Pass)       
Thirty  one Album in 2011 (Influential)
Thirty two Album out in town right now is (purity)



  1. Enter your comment...u ar great man indid

  2. What of those one's after 2011 till date

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